Mud Bay Jugglers



Alan Fitzthum

Alan began his training as a juggler in 1974 and joined the Mud Bay Jugglers in 1982 as a principle performer and juggler. He has appeared in all Mud Bay Juggler performances to date. As choreographer and artistic co-director, Alan's involvement with the Mud Bay Jugglers has been invaluable. He has helped to create what Juggler's World Magazine called "a revelation- juggling and dance merged into a single theatrically expressive performance art." He played the lead role in the MBJ's production "Nod Off" in 1991. Alan began his performance career as a rock musician, he also has years of experience in other creative endeavors, and he has worked extensively in wood and metal. Alan lives near Olympia Washington, in a hand made house with his wife Sue Feldman and their daughter Teasha and son Tobin.

Doug Martin

Doug co-founded the Mud Bay Jugglers in 1980 and is proud to be serving yet another year as performer and artistic co-director. His desire to create the unique and unusual has motivated the company toward great discoveries. Doug has toured in Australia, Scotland, and Japan as part of Lajoye Theatre productions. He enjoys presenting his unique talents as a musician, mime, escape artist, funambulist, (look it up), and of course as a juggler. He lives with his wife Marcela Abadi in Olympia Washington. Lately Doug has been seen exploring the Puget Sound in his small sailing yacht.

Harry Levine

Harry Levine moved to Olympia after graduating Clark University with a BA in music. In 1984, he founded Citizens Band which performed satirical theatre and music throughout the west. He joined the Mud Bay Jugglers as a percussionist in 1988. In 1990, he began to stage manager for Mud Bay Juggler theatre shows and perform part-time as a juggler. He joined the Mud Bay Jugglers as a full time performer in 1995. When he's not juggling, Harry co-manages a non-profit arts association that presents independent film, music, and allied arts.

Jules McEvoy-Schaefer

Jules first saw the Mud Bay Jugglers when he was eight years old. Inspired by their skill and silly fun he started juggling at the age of thirteen with Doug's son Amiel. Jules, Amiel and friend River created their own juggling troupe, the Juggling Jollies, in 2004. The Juggling Jollies have performed with the Mud Bay Jugglers in a number of shows, have toured Europe and the Northwest region. Jules has also produced and co-produce a number of circus shows including "Deadman Wonderland", "Circus Supernova", and "One Fine Fool". He also puts on Circus Campout every August; a four day circus workshop camp extravaganza, at the beautiful Lookout Arts Quarry. Jules lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife Katie and his son Charlie. These days he spends his time with his new family, growing veggies in his new garden, performing in all kinds of capacities creating wonderful fun. He is honored to be a part of this show.