PASSING THROUGH TIME is the Mud Bay Jugglers 1 1/2 hour production (with intermission) that weaves together many Mud Bay classic juggling routines with illusionary, magical, and theatrical segments. The show uses the talents of three juggler/dancers and can include live musicians.

The show begins with the mesmerizing flourish of the fire staff twirled in a dance set to a live musical glass performance of original music. As the fire fades, the music breaks into a celebration song that welcomes the jugglers on stage in a synchronized weaving and spinning pattern. This evolves into individual improvisation, where each character showcases their own style of dance, acrobatics, or comedy. Finally, one character is left on stage who thinks he is alone to perform but finds a mischievous "mirror" image upstage. This comedy piece sets the table for the entrance to Cafe Fantastico.

At Cafe Fantastico, anything can happen. All objects, be they wine bottles, plates, or hats, get transformed by the magic. Customers in the Cafe Fantastico are transfixed by the layers of illusion. All the theatrical interactions build to a juggling tango dance with a tailcoat that can wind up on anybody.

The second half of the show picks up the magic where the first half left off. The opening piece involves 6 hands performing synchronized acrobatics in the black light which evolves to a juggling routine that seems impossible. As the stage light returns, the jugglers enter for one of their signature pieces: "Slow Motion". Whether it's running, stealing clubs, or laughing, the performance is hilarious. This physical comedy piece culminates in one juggler tripping over another and falling in slow motion.

Action is restored with an explosion of movement and sounds. The routines seem improbable as the performers juggle and dance their way through a number of segments presented in a completely unique way. The transitions are seamless and the juggling is masterful. Some of the routines are energetic and acrobatic while others build slowly and use comedy and improvisation. After 20 minutes of breathtaking choreography, the show climaxes in fire juggling.

There is a ceremonial feel as the exotic music accents the graceful lighting of the torches. As two jugglers pass fire, another enters, stands between them, and magically lights his torches from the fire passing in front of his face. The sequence builds to a crescendo when the center juggler is spinning at revolutionary speed through a shower of flaming torches.

TECHNICAL NEEDS: PASSING THROUGH TIME requires full technical support. See technical rider for more information.