for 90 minute Show "Passing Through Time"


1. A smooth resilient "flat black" floor free of splinters, nails, holes, etc., which has been damp mopped prior to any rehearsals and again prior to performance. It must not be heavily waxed or varnished and must be a minimum of 35 feet wide by 25 feet deep by 16 feet high.

2. Black backdrop, black legs to create wing space, Main drape, split traveler at midstage, and cyclorama.

3. During blacklight piece a Full blackout is required.

4. Sufficient instruments to frontlight, sidelight, and backlight the entire performance space, including three color cyclorama wash. Six lighting specials.

5. Prerigging and color drop, prior to Mud Bay Jugglers arrival.

6. 1 Electrical outlet downstage center controlled by a non dimmer switch at light booth for black light.

7. A two way communication system from the stage managers position to all other tech positions.

8. Quality Audio, 1 vocal mic with straight stand, CD Player into sound board. On stage monitors., (side fills).

9. Crossover, easily accessible.

10. Stage crew, including lighting board operator, sound board operator, and stage hand.

11. Load in crew can be same as stage crew.

12. Fire permit from local fire dept. or Building Supervisor. Artist will provide an outline of safety precautions.

13. Two large prop tables, one stage left and one stage right.

14. Dressing room adequate for 3 performers that are warm, dry, well lit, have chairs, mirrors, costume racks and have showers stocked with soap and towels. Restrooms reserved for artists use shall be fully stocked. Warm up space minimum of 25 x 20 feet wide and 16 feet high.

15. Misc: Locked storage for Artists equipment, ironing board and steam iron, adequate fresh drinking water immediately off stage, parking space for two vehicles as near the stage as possible, 6 comp tickets.

16. Hospitality: Fruit (organic preferred), fruit juice, water, crackers and other light snacks.

17. Tech Time: Load in 8hrs preshow, Out: in one hour.

18. Floor plan with section, and inventory list sent to contact person listed above at least 14 days before performance.

19. Overnight accommodations for 5 people to be arranged according to location and schedule.