Mud Bay Jugglers

About Fire Juggling


The Mud Bay Jugglers have been handling fire in performance for over 30 years and do so with the utmost attention to safety. Fire permits and/or approval from the facilities director are always obtained.

The Mud Bay Jugglers provide the presenter with a fire safety sheet that outlines the fire safety procedures and are happy to assist in obtaining the fire permit/approval.

Mud Bay Jugglers fire juggling does not involve "Pyrotechnics" and therefore does not require a pyrotechnic permits licensing. All the performers have been trained in the proper handling of fire for public assembly.

The Mud Bay Jugglers provide the appropriate safety equipment and follow a strict set of procedures before, during and after the performance

No, their beards have never caught on fire ... as a matter of fact nothing but the wicks on the juggling implements themselves have ever caught fire during their act.

The Mud Bay Jugglers actually do not need to include fire in your performance if it does not work out for you. Their show is a complete enjoyable and dynamic experience without it.